Why is Training so Important for Manpower Development?

Manpower is definitely more powerful than machine power, and material power, as proper handling of power leads-to more effective and efficient use. Manpower to be effective and efficient has to be trained in the proper and efficient use of machine power so as to produce goads at the latest possible cost with proper quality and efficiently. Manpower is also known as human resource and human recourse is the best asset of an organization. Well trained man power needs less supervision lesser material and makes lesser machine wear out.

Training is education which let the trainee learn new things and aspects of the job he is doing and also learns as how do his job better and efficiently. Academic education or professional only give theoretical knowledge. Training aims at providing practical working knowledge in a proper work place by hands on experience.

Work floor is best teaching and training ground for every body, the fresher or experienced. Retraining aims at reviving the basic of training with advance practical knowledge. Without forming skills can not be acquired and only skilled manpower helps the organization to act in an efficient manner. The main aim of any and every training programme is manpower development. Manpower development is the development of human resources and the human resources are the best assets of all organization. Manpower development leads to growth of organization help in diversification and to social system of the organization and its people.

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