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Write a note on the Advantages of Networks.

Write a note on the Advantages of Networks.


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The networking concept itself explains its need in various organizations that can:

  • Share hardware resources: A network provides us a facility where each computer can access and use various hardware equipment which might be too costly to be provided for each user. As explained in the above example, an employee can print a document from a printer, even if it is not attached to his computer.
  • Share data and information: Any authorized user has a facility to access data and information stored on other computers in the network. An online data sharing provides us with a facility of airline or railway ticket reservations.
  • Share software resources: Very often the application software is stored on a server hard disk, which can be accessed by multiple users on network. Most software vendors sell network versions of their application software
    that provides the limited user legal license, This feature saves on the costs of software and enhances the information sharing amongst users.
  • Communicate easily: People connected in a network can communicate- quite easily and efficiently via e-mail, telephone and video conferences. E-mail messages can be transferred in seconds to some other users. With telephony and video conferences, users in geographically dispersed areas can conduct meetings.
  • Broaden network sizes: As network exist in various sizes, i.e. from a small network connecting two computers to a global network such as the Internet, which connects millions of computer around the world.

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March 1, 2019