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Write a note on The Evolution of Feudal States.

Write a note on The Evolution of Feudal States.


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The Evolution of Feudal States:

Around 800 AD, an attempt was made to recreate the imperial system of Rome under the patronage of the Catholic Church. This Christian empire consisted of several counts, dukes and princes who were loyal to the holy Roman Emperor. The main concern of the Emperor was the system of social and economic relations.

In Germanic vassal system, the pollution was considered as object of rule. They showed their loyalty for the protection they received from the sovereign, whereas, the system of monarchy was more unified and stronger in northern France and England. In the rest of Europe, the Lords/ sovereign were in competition with each other using their personal wealth.


The concept of power became more personal and local issue. Some Lords became very powerful that their feudal monarch had to comprise them into his consultative bodies (Parliament). Due to differences in opinion, there was a rift in the feudal state but monarchy became more distinguished, towns and cities were not included in the classical feudal system because of their independent charters. Medieval towns had some plat,e in the rising feudalism and prominent citizens became a corporate body and acted as actor to the charter. Church was the main source of rival authority against the feudal aristocracy. There was rivalry among all the states.

Church emphasized spiritual authority that provoked the secular authority (monarch) to claim and fight for supremacy. All these circumstances sowed the seeds of modernize sovereignty. To create a state as a unified and integrated political structure, they had to fight against their differences. Amongst all these rivalries, some important political innovations took place in the practical working of the state for example the autonomous system of rule by leading citizens in compliance by a charter in major towns/cities. Another innovation was the emergence of secular authority which is till date universally accepted political phenomenon.

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June 13, 2019