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Write a note on the role of religion and caste in Indian politics.

Write a note on the role of religion and caste in Indian politics.


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During British rule in India Muslim League gained power and privileges due to appeasement policy of Congress and ‘divide and rule policy of Britishers. Muslim succeeded in getting Pakistan. After independence Congress remained in power due to support of Muslims and Christians, so Christians began to demand autonomy for Nagaland. Muslims allied themselves in U.P. and Bihar with Yadavas, so Mulyam Singh Yadav and Lain Yadav came in power. Realizing this B. S.P. led by Mayawati and Ram Vilas Paswan tried to win favor of Muslims. To win favor of Muslims Ram Vilas Paswan announced that Muslim should be Chief Minister of Bihar.

Realizing this Akalis, Shiv Sena claiming follower of Shivaji and .R.S.S. and Bajrang Dal supported B.J.P. B.J.P. ruled in the name of N.D.A. The N.D.A. government strained every nerve to gain Muslim support. They negotiated with Iran and Pakistan, appointed Muslim President, announced appointment of many thousand Urdu teachers, not to take away article 370 and not to build temple of Rama at Ayodhya etc. but in-spite of all this in U.P. and Bihar, Muslim support remained intact to yadavas and in rest of India to Congress. Muslims, Christians and Sikhs and Scheduled Castes overwhelmingly supported Congress and Communists. Consequently lost power in Punjab, National Conference of Abdulla family in Kashmir, Telugu Desam of Chandra Babu Naidu in Andhra and Om Prakash Chautala in Haryana.

Thus, in India Religion and caste decide politics while all over the world peace, prosperity, wiping out of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, efficient administration and justice decide the issue of politics. In India common man lacks water, electricity, employment and education which have been neglected by N.D.A. and are neglected by U.P.A. government people are committing suicides, so political leaders exploit religion and caste to get votes and capture power.

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August 13, 2019