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Write a short note on Ethnic Conflicts in India.

Write a short note on Ethnic Conflicts in India.

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The ethnic clashes occur from time to time with the main issue being language and religion. The declaration of Hindi as the national language created a spurt of violence in the South and other non-Hindi speaking regions. This language policy was perceived as an advantage for the Hindi speakers and their economic and political domination. Religious conflict is manifested primarily in Hindu-Muslim conflict. The tension between them aggravated during the British rule. Even after Independence the communal problem was not resolved. One can see examples of such conflicts in Moradabad, U.P.

Ethnic conflicts occur as a result of organized communal bodies. Backed by political force, these committal bodies have become institutionalized. It has been observed that though the manifest cause seem to be the region, language, religion or caste, the latent cause seem to be conflicting economic and political interests. Certain long-term as well as short-term solutions need to be looked at to resolve the problem of ethnic conflict. To sustain communal harmony, rumors, suspicion, hostility have to be avoided. Open mindedness and tolerant attitude has to be cultivated amongst all. Members of different communities need to have an active dialogue with each-other. Reduction or removal of economic inequalities between people is a long-term solution to the problem of ethnic conflicts.

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November 7, 2019