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Write a short note on Kalinga Bali Yatra.

Write a short note on Kalinga Bali Yatra.


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The Kalinga Bali Yatra, boat Expedition (1992-93) was a modest attempt at retracing the old trade to Bali and in the process re-discovering the cultural ties between the two countries. The ancient traders of Kalinga were daring the seas on big sail boats, the replica of which can be seen in the temple walls of Puri and Konark.


The Kalinga Bali Yatra was organized with certain objectives in mind. These objectives were as follows :

  • One of the most important objectives was to focus the attention on Orissa a destination for tourists from India and Abroad, specially from South east Asia.
  • Another important objective was to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Orissa which dates back to around 2,500 years.
  • To make it a big cultural festival involving not only local people but also the people from other parts of India and abroad.

November 6, 2018