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Write a short note on Sexual Coercion and Violence.

Write a short note on Sexual Coercion and Violence.


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Many sexual behaviors like rape, incest and child abuse are universally prohibited, even than the frequency of these incidences are quite high which leaves the victim traumatized. Every form of violence demonstrates power and threatens individual with physical and psychological violation that limits its ability to make their own life choices. The diseased may undergo debilitating mental and physical health consequences. Many forceful sexual behaviors are punishable by law as they breach the other person’s right of safety and security. However the law may not be dealing with the degree of which sexual abuse violates the. individual’s personal mental and physical integrity and freedom of movement.


A forced sexual relation with actual or threatened violence is called a rape. The expression of the act is anger and hostility power and aggression personally towards the victim. The myths about rape helps it romanticizing it in the films. But the truth is that this forceful act destroys victim mentally, physically and socially. There is special section under Indian Penal Code section 375 a man is said to commit a rape when he has sexual intercourse with a woman under any of the following six circumstances:

  • Against her will.
  • Without her consent.
  • With her consent when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person in whom she is interested in fear of death or hurt.
  • With her consent when the man knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes to be lawfully married.
  • With her consent when at the time of giving such consent by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication, caused or administered by him personally or through another person.
  • With or without her consent when she is under sixteen years of age.

As per IPC rape occurs when a man assault and, has intercourse with a woman. This act does not cover rape of a man, while even a man can be forced in having sexual relations. But a forceful intercourse between a husband and a wife is not considered a rape, unless the wife is under sixteen years of age. A special category of offense there is statutory rape where law considers rape have occurred even if the abused woman consented and the man was younger than a legally defined age of consent, as the consent gets invalidated as the victim is not considered to be mature enough to take such decisions which is sixteen years and the law wants to protect minors.

When a woman get raped first tiling is to get medical help immediately even if there are no. injuries. A trustworthy friend can provide emotional support and comfort who will not blame her and is supportive. She should avoid washing herself before the medical procedures are completed, otherwise all the evidence against the culprit may get washed away. In the medical procedure we have:

  • A pelvic examination, or rectal examination.
  • Examination and treatment of any type of external injury.

For STD infection a VDRL test is done later. The abused woman must also accept that she will have to go through physical and mental stress. The first response may be numbness, and disbelief and extreme anxiety, fear and disorganization. She may also feel guilty, repulsive and defiled due to her violated body. She may also feel impure and ashamed for no fault of her. This all that the victim is going through should not be taken lightly. The support of her family and counselors she should be assured of gaining control of her life back. If the victim is married her husband also need support.


In this sexual abuse the perpetrator is a close family relative or a member of the extended family. There is certainly an intercourse involved in abuse. It occurs shockingly. Most of the times it is not reported. Incest is more common than any other sexual offense. This can be any cast race, or religion where this can happen. The victim may remain constantly under fear of abuse and its repetition. There is little support expected from Indian homes towards the victim. The most close relatives will also find this outrageous and will not believe the victim. Most of the times the victim suffers silently.

Incest is a crime:

The first priority should be to remove the victim from that environment. There must be some professional counseling arranged for the victim so that she can get help in handling feelings of guilt, shame and fear. Counselor may help her rebuilding her life. There are many self-help groups helping the incest survivors.

Child sexual abuse:

One cannot even think of the times child abuse occurs in the country. The abuser kiss, or fondle with the child’s body parts. In extreme cases the abuse include intercourse with the child. Most of these are with relatives or friends. In case the abused child is male the abuser is an adolescent male acquaintance, a relative or a neighbor. The strangers forms a small proportion of offenses against children. There are people who habitually molest children. The abuse scares the child severely specially in case the abuse has been violent and extensive. The child may withdraw or may have sleeping and eating and school problems. The child may remain depressed and afraid of strangers with physical and psychological symptoms. Some may face sexual, social and psychological impaired into adulthood.

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November 7, 2019